High Efficiency Division

High Efficiency Division

Since 2007, Taggart Electric Inc. has worked with countless businesses across the country, leveraging state and federal incentive programs to save our clients millions of dollars in electric and maintenance costs.  From lighting and advanced controls to refrigeration, chillers and HVAC, high efficiency systems are one of the safest investments a business can make and are increasingly necessary to remain competitive and in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Rapidly advancing technology and generous incentives have made high efficiency systems more cost-effective than ever.  In 2015, Taggart Electric Inc. launched our High Efficiency Division (HED), a specialized team dedicated to saving clients money, reducing overhead, and helping the U.S. meet its emission-reduction goals.  Bars, restaurants, warehouses, factories, car dealerships, offices…. Virtually every industry can reduce electricity usage and overhead by upgrading lighting and mechanical systems. Let Taggart Electric HED show you how.

Always-on Areas

Always-on lighting, such as parking garages, common-area hallways and exit signs offer particularly large savings when upgrading to LEDs.

Parking Lots
High-efficiency Plasma and LEDs increase safety in public lots and curb-appeal at dealerships, all while drastically reducing costs.

Industrial Facilities
LED’s increased life-span eliminates the burden of changing lamps in difficult or dangerous locations.